Virtace's mandate is to enable our clients to work different

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  • Application Development

    Enabling the automation of how you uniquely run your business.

  • Cloud Enablement

    Ensuring your business is running smoothly and profitably.Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Private Cloud Hosting, Platform-as-a-Service

  • IT Support Services

    Ensuring your IT is not getting in the way of running your business. Infrastructure, Devices and End-User Support

  • Idea Commercialization

    Our Idea Commercialization business practice sole purpose is to help you grow your technology business whether from the ground up or to enhance what is already in place. We not only can help you develop an application and deploy the related infrastructure, but we’ll build your website, strategize, implement, and maintain all of your marketing efforts (including Social Media), and can deploy our sales team to ensure profit and success for your business. You can choose all, some, or only one of our offerings for whatever delivers the desired result.


Real Estate / Manufacturing

Business Challenges
  • Outdated Infrastructure.
  • Lacking Collaboration Tools (internally/externally)
  • Changing Workplace (telecommuting).
  • Under Utilization of Resources (mobility, websites)
Virtace’s Solution
  • Website – refresh existing site to stimulate new business through improved navigation, eCommerce and Social Media integration
  • Digital Signage – create an interactive environment that better leverages window real estate and integrates with websites
  • Upgrade Existing Infrastructure (mobility, email, file and data management, collaboration)

Health Care

Business Challenges
  • Outdated infrastructure
  • Lacking Collaboration (internally/externally)
  • Security is regulated but typically IT in place doesn’t address or not managed/designed to evolve
Virtace's Solution
  • Migrate the client’s IT hardware and software to the cloud
  • Upgrade existing Infrastructure (mobility, email, file and data management)
  • Increase capability to collaborate (document sharing, video conferencing)

Organizations with Field Workers

For Example HVAC, Plumbers, Fire Protection, Electricians, Pest Control, Window Installers, Roofers, IT Field Services, Delivery / Logitstics, Remote Health Care Practioners Business Challenges
  • Too much paperwork.
  • Outdated Infrastructure.
  • Cannot share information easily
  • Not utilizing mobile technology or websites.
Virtace's Solution
  • Work Order Management - inField Clipboard is an easy to use mobile friendly platform designed to make digital the Work Order process.
  • Cloud Services - Improve the ability to communicate and collaborate while reducing your businesses operating expenses (O365, SharePoint Online).
  • Website – refresh existing site to stimulate new business through improved navigation, eCommerce and Social Media integration.

Channel Partners

Our Products

Virtace’s wireless work order management platform. Reduce wasted time due to paperwork and missed communication from your fieldwork.

Product Launch Jan 10th.

An innovative content management platform designed to enable mid-sized companies to get control of their unstructured data.

Product Launch Feb 28th.

MULTI Mobile Dealer

Virtace’s mobile device and services procurement and fulfillment platform.

Communicate directly and uniquely to unlimited group of clients, each with completely customizable content and theme.

Planned Products

Idea Commercialization Product Roadmap:

  • Real Estate Collaboration
  • Long-Term Healthcare Rx Management
  • Fashion Commerce

Coming Soon!

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