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Why Two Sales Reps Work Better

Posted on: September 25th, 2014 by Administrator No Comments

Recently had a conversation with a Sale Rep selling my products.  Good Rep, understands the need of consultative selling.  Establishes trust with the potential customer and recognizes when they need to bring in a specialist to a particular product or service.

As more and more opportunities arrive, they become comfortable with some of the base questions needed to be answered in order to provide the specialist with enough information to generate a proposal.

The Issue – they want to solution the opportunity.

The Problem – unless you are selling a commodity product, each customer can requires a unique solution.  Part of a Professional Services Firm’s unique selling proposition is the ability to understand the detailed requirements of each new customer, arrive at a unique solution using a base of knowledge and providing a proposal that fits not only the requirements of the business but also the financial requirements.

Advantages of a two person sales team:

The Lead Generator:

  1. The initial contact person (let’s call them the lead generator), can continuously work with the client to see what other opportunities are available.  What is working for them, what isn’t working for them, etc.
  2. The lead generator sales person also become a pseudo project manager keeping the client informed as well as keeping the Sales Specialist on target, attempting to manage expectations, understanding what may be challenges with the customer.
  3. As a “non-solution” person, free consultation of a solution isn’t being offered, and the solution person needs time to understand the specifics and arrive at a solution that works.
  4. As Henry Kissinger always wanted, no matter who was the front person in negotiating the deal, you always need a fall back person when you are in front of the customer.  The Lead Generator can use the Sales Specialist for this fall back person.

The Sales Specialist:

  1. Understands the product / service in greater depth. Has dealt with other clients in similar situations.
  2. Can properly gather the requirements and offer a solution to each client.  Understands how workflow makes a difference in how each client works and can offer suggestions on making improvements.
  3. Can act as the fall back person when the client is looking for “free” consultation on their existing environment / requirements.  Framing the requirements and a solution may be valuable, but the solution (including what works, what doesn’t work and other details) should be left to after the proposal has been signed.

Why do you need a two person sales team?  More interactions with the client, improved communications, potentially reduced sales cycle times.


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