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Email Archiving inside O365

Posted on: June 12th, 2015 by Administrator No Comments
  1. What do I need in order to activate my Archive?em1
    • There are several plans in the Office365 universe that allow for email Archiving.  Archiving is automatically available if you have an E3 or E4 plan providing 100 Gb of space.
    • You can also purchase Exchange Online Archiving separately for $3.10 CDN per user per month, which gives you 100 Gb of archiving space.


  1. What does it give you?
    • Get a cloud-based, enterprise-class archiving solution that helps you to solve archiving, compliance, regulatory, and eDiscovery challenges.
    • You can archive your email (from Folders, Inbox, Sent, etc.) directly.
    • You can automate the archiving process so that emails are automatically archived and therefore reduce the space needed in your normal Outlook mail database.
      • Search against the Archive
      • Move emails from the Archive to your main Outlook.
      • Delete emails as necessary.
      • Reduce the impact of having thousands of emails in your local Outlook by archiving them to the cloud and still having access at any time from your laptop / desktop.
  1. Is it complicated to activate the archive?
    • Depending on your plan, you can activate it within 5 minutes.
  1. Why should I archive?
    • Primarily for ensuring that all your old data isn’t clogging up space in your local Outlook.
    • Making you local Outlook faster because it isn’t cataloguing all the old emails.
  1. How do I control the archive?
    • O365 automatically has a default 2-year move to archive. Messages older than 2-years are automatically moved to the archive mailbox.  This applies to items in the entire mailbox that don’t have another policy applied to them.
    • You can change the archiving policy to the following:
    • 1-year move to archive – When a user applies this tag, messages are moved to the archive mailbox after 1 year.
    • 5-year move to archive – When a user applies this tag, messages are moved to the archive mailbox after 5 years.
    • Personal never move to archive – When a user applies this tag, messages are never moved to the archive mailbox.


  1. How do I activate the archive?
    • You require Global Admin Access to your O365 environment.
    • Select the Person (who has the proper licensing assigned) and on the right side, click on “Edit Exchange Properties”em2

 This will take you to the Exchange Details page for the user.

  • Click on “Mailbox Features” on the left and
  • Scroll down to the section that identifies Archiving.
    • Click on Enable


  • Congratulations, you are done.  All the emails that are 2 years and older will now start to archive.
  • Once the emails are archived online, they will SYNC properly to your desktop Outlook client.  Once the archive is completed, slowly on a daily basis, your emails will be moved into the archive.

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