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Office365 – Viewing a Shared Calendar on Mobile Devices

Posted on: June 12th, 2015 by Administrator No Comments

Many businesses are using calendars to help them organize themselves and their staff, especially when they are not in the office.

Most mobile devices offer excellent Email / Calendar / Contact application as a native app.  These are good tools but can’t offer some of the additional functionality such as shared calendars or “conversation” email grouping, etc.

While it isn’t always needed to get a new app to perform some of these additional functions, it may be valuable in this case.

viewing1Outlook Web App (Android & iOS) offers a unique set of tools that allow you more mobile  functionality than the native email/calendar solutions of Android or iOS.

Downloading the App is easy.  Search for OWA from Microsoft.  Once installed, enter your O365  credentials to access your email and calendar.

In order to take advantage of viewing a colleague’s shared calendar, the following are a few steps  needed:


  1. Make sure you’ve been given permission to view your colleague’s calendar.  The following link will show you how to share your calendar and view your colleagues’ calendar on Outlook.

viewing2 2.  On your mobile click on Calendar icon at the bottom and then choose the Menu button at  the top left.









viewing3 3.  The Menu will identify the different people that have shared their calendar with you.    Select their names with a check box.









viewing4 4.  Sweep right again, and your mobile calendar will now display a combined calendar of all  selected people.

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