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We are one of Canada’s leading IT managed services, information security, and automation technology solutions experts, who can help you achieve more by empowering your people to do more – more thinking, better creativity, and higher value.

We do this by using innovative technologies to relieve your people of the mundane tasks that are necessary for your organization’s success. We work collaboratively to make your operations more efficient, improve your quality assurance processes, and ensure there is capacity in your workflows for more creative and engaging tasks, and do all of this securely from anywhere – in the office, at home or remotely. While our solutions generate cost savings, increase efficiencies, and reduce errors all the while improving your information security, we are most proud of the impact it has on your people. We strengthen workplace cultures by reducing frustration and stress caused by mundane tasks and the constant need to be vigilant regarding your information security and create opportunities for your team members to focus on higher satisfaction work. Your stronger workplace culture will be felt by your customers. In this way, we help you provide even more value to your customers.

As a platform-independent solution provider, we can help you navigate a wide range of automation, Cloud, and security options available in the market to choose what is best for you. The future of work is undergoing a rapid transformation – and we can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Our History

Building on our established reputation as a high-quality IT service provider, we are again planning for the future. We have always been ahead of the curve and our proven track record is in our results. As early adopters and champions of Cloud Enablement Services, we helped our clients benefit from the then slowly emerging technology trend. We successfully migrated over 1.3 million business users to cloud technologies to which 80% of today’s global enterprises have
now converted. So, we have always helped our clients gain that competitive edge in the market, and we are now proving ourselves again by bringing that same discipline, creativity, and expertise to automation technology and cyber security as well.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a world in which you can empower your people to focus their passion and purpose on becoming good stewards of your customers and our planet.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower you to engage in the most meaningful work and drive your
efforts towards creative innovation. We imagine a world where every enterprise will be able to realize the full potential of its workforce, to drive economic growth and innovation, and stay competitive.

Our Values

Our Values

People First

We design and implement custom workflows to help your team work smarter and more collaboratively and improve communication between your people. We are a people-centric company that values our employees, suppliers, and clients and their teams. We believe that by prioritizing the well-being of our employees we can provide the very best for our clients. We know that it is our people who make our company successful, and we ensure that we prioritize making them feel valued, cared for, and always engaged. We are committed to that same approach when it comes to your people. The backbone of any organization is the people that do important work every day. That is why we ensure that we value your people as well.

Value Creation

We exist to provide value to our clients, and our priority is to provide a return on investment from day one. When our clients work with us, they are placing a great deal of trust in us, and we do not take that for granted. We are focused on creating value for our clients throughout the entire process, from beginning to end.

Community Building

Our strength is in the collective. As such, we prioritize collaboration, transparency and teamwork. We build real, meaningful connections with all our people. We are not just a vendor for our clients nor are we just an employer to our employees. Our relationships matter to us. We create an environment with the necessary conditions for life-long learning to incubate future industry leaders who can also become good stewards of our planet.

Giving back

As a core tenant of our values, we prioritize giving back in many ways to make our shared home on this planet better. We actively volunteer our time and generously donate to various causes, including multiple initiatives championed by our clients. We believe that every individual has a responsibility to help address some of the most pressing issues in our communities, and we take pride in the work that we do to contribute.

Since our early days, we have been supporting the following organizations

SickKids Foundation – SickKids Foundation is on a mission to make every kid a healthy kid because every child deserves health and well-being. We have raised funds for the foundation through our annual car racing fundraiser – a fun way to bring the community together while raising funds for a great cause. We also share SickKids’ message of love and hope, while donating to the foundation, by purchasing our annual holiday greeting cards from them.

Cornerstone to Recovery –Cornerstone to Recovery provides a safe and productive space for those walking the path from addiction to recovery so that all members of our community can rise together. We are an annual walkathon sponsor and participant, helping to raise crucial funds necessary to continue to provide community-based recovery treatment.

comdu.it – comdu.it, a global network of diaspora volunteers, is committed to sustainable development in the traditional Tamil homelands and other vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka. As a founding member of comdu.it’s Patrons Circle, we have supported efforts to partner with local organizations in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka who work with vulnerable communities to support education, ICT, and economic development opportunities.

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