Cloud Managed Security

The security of your information systems is important to us. This is why we have partnered with leading security solution developers to develop a comprehensive security regime that can monitor, detect and intercept threats, and review and mitigate threats on an ongoing basis at all points of interaction.

Network Security

We mitigate network level hack attempts as well as prevent users from inadvertently accessing a malicious site, especially from a link in an email which is common.

Device Security

Through a small lightweight agent installed on each computer, we establish a benchmark for normal device activity within the context of your business and automatically report any anomalies to our Security Operations Centre to immediately investigate any potential malicious activities.


We have partnered with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven spear-phishing technology company to identify if an email is a phishing attempt and block the email from reaching the user.  This will mitigate and protect your company from socially engineered spear-phishing attacks.

Cloud Data Security – Data Backup

Due to the increasing ability of cyber attackers to hijack and encrypt data stored in popular cloud platforms, we have partnered with industry- leading solution providers to develop a seamless cloud-to-cloud data backup solution that will backup your data on a frequent basis throughout the day.

Professional Monitoring, Audit and Review

Given our mantra of proactive management and responsive support, we take our commitment to your security one step further by wrapping these security services with our professional suite of services. Our Security Operations Centre will perform the following:

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