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Microsoft’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution has made team collaboration and communication more efficient and streamlined. The solution’s desktop functionalities offer an impressive online suite of enterprise applications that increase individual and organizational productivity and is ideal for organizations of all sizes. Microsoft 365 is delivered through the cloud and is updated and maintained with limited disruption and seamlessly for users.
Cyberfish protects companies from the most sophisticated phishing attacks, such as spear phishing, by combining Computer Vision, AI, and contextual training. Cyberfish's disruptive protection approach is to “look” at incoming emails, the links included therein and the resulting landing pages, and analyze their actual visual representation to detect impersonation, before they are opened by their intended recipient (employee). The Cyberfish visual analysis technology is a game-changer, allowing to detect new phishing attacks in real-time, without relying on outdated blacklist technology, thereby adding a layer of protection which until today was mainly addressed by generic employee training solutions.
UXPLORE is at the forefront of innovative technology, developing an intelligent digital workforce through robotic process automation. They are helping clients revolutionize their human resources, and finance and accounting departments through the integration of technology. Software bots complement existing teams so that organizations can focus on solving the hard problems while leaving the routine, often mundane, tasks to automation technology.
Microsoft Power Apps enables teams to build professional-grade apps easily and quickly. By providing an ability to build low-code apps, they are helping clients build customized solutions for their most pressing challenges. The timeliness of this solution delivers an immediate impact on organizations and customers. Power Apps drives business transformation powered by a scalable platform with reduced development costs.

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Our portfolio of partners includes several leading IT companies, which helps us provide the best solutions for you.

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We are always searching for innovative, forward-thinking technology enterprises to partner with to bring even more value to our clients. If you specialize in automation technology designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, we want to hear from you!